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    Plastic & Metal Extrusions

    Plastic & Metal Extrusions
  • Design Assistance
  • Hollow Shapes
  • Tubing
  • Co-Extruded Shapes
  • In-Line Drilling
  • In-Line Cutting
  • Laminating
  • Close Tolerances
  • Custom Profiles
  • Channels
  • In-Line Punching
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Notching
  • Pipes
  • Secondaries
  • Strips

  • Plastamet Inc. offers great flexibility in meeting your plastic and metal extrusion needs. We cover a range of standard profiles and can customize difficult shapes to meet your production requirements manufacturing the highest quality plastic and metal extrusions for a variety of needs. Plastamet Inc.'s services include design, construction of dies and tooling, fabrication, finishing and testing of your plastic and metal extrusion product. We can help you determine the most beneficial and cost effective option that meets your needs.

    We have plastic co-extrusions as well as inline cutting, drilling and notching for both plastic and metal. Plastamet Inc. also offers secondary services that include machining, heat-treating, anodizing, plating, painting or powder coating, and printing and labeling.

    Prototype to Large Production Runs

    Prototype to Large Production Runs