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    Plastamet Services

    Machining Services

    Plastic and Metal Machining Services Plastamet Inc. offers two decades of plastic and metal machining expertise, from your simplest parts to your most complex designs. We provide precision from concept to production. Plastamet Inc. handles primarily industrial mechanical parts and machinery related parts in a variety of metal alloys and plastic types.

    We handle a variety of processes and apply our extensive experience in customizing the right process for each part according to our customer's specific needs. We specialize in custom solutions and customer service. Put our experience to use for your next industrial mechanical design. We will work with you to find the right design and create the right parts for your specific metal and plastic needs.

    Plastamet Inc. offers capabilities in high tolerance machining of plastics and metals INCLUDING part assembly. We provide expertise for high tolerance machining of plastic and metals using milling, turning, and our CNC machining equipment Including part assembly. Our staff can assist you in the design process of your plastic machining or metal machining projects. We work closely with the engineering departments of our customers to develop prototype projects, and we accept electronically transmitted CAD files.

    After 20 years in the metal and plastic machining business, our experience in a wide variety of processes keeps us flexible and able to solve any issue that arises for our customers. From prototype through production, Plastamet Inc. specializes in understanding the part based on each customer's usage requirements.