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    Plastic Fabrication Services

    Plastic Fabrication Services
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  • Laser Cutting
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    Plastamet Inc. works closely with our customers to fabricate plastic parts and custom plastic projects. Our machining and plastic fabrication services include design assistance, machining, forming, punching, laser cutting, and water jet cutting. We can assist in the selection of material for plastic fabrication projects and we can suggest design changes to maximize the performance characteristics of your parts. We fabricate prototype parts through production of thousands of parts. Regardless of the plastic fabrication project under consideration, it is likely that we have manufactured something similar. We offer engineering and design services prior to entering the fabrication stage to ensure that our plastic fabricators make exactly what each customer desires.

    Plastamet Inc. is your partner in the design process, providing custom solutions for customer specific needs. Our plastic fabrication department fabricates custom acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, ABS and other plastic products. Many projects utilize both our CNC machining and plastic fabrication equipment.

    Plastamet Inc. will work with you to select the right plastic for the function you have in mind. Our plastic fabricators provide custom thermo-forming, drape forming and bending of plastic parts. We have a conventional forming oven and an over-sized forming oven that allows our fabricators to thermo-form very large custom acrylic and PETG projects.

    Plastamet Inc. begins by determining the most crucial aspects of your project: What is the plastics' strength, appearance, color, or price? How tight are the tolerances? Will your project require plastic machining, thermo-forming, bonding, or plastic routing? We will work with you to find the best solution for your plastic requirements. Plastamet Inc. provides the equipment and experience required to fulfill whatever needs you have, from simple custom parts to complex designs. Let our plastic fabrication experts assist you to determine what particular plastic is best suited for your particular needs.

    Custom Parts - Prototype Through Production

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