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    Plastamet Services

    Since 1984, Plastamet Inc. has specialized in working with businesses in all industries by designing and manufacturing specialty parts and assemblies in plastics and metals.

    Plastamet Inc. offers two decades of plastic and metal machining expertise, from your simplest parts to your most complex designs. We provide machining and plastic fabrication services including design assistance, machining, forming, molding, stamping, punching, laser cutting, and water jet cutting. We offer unique services to determine processes that can create your part in the most economical way.

    Plastamet Inc. can design and produce your parts, reverse engineer older parts, design new parts, and act as problem solvers to meet your part requirements. We can assist in the selection of material for metal and plastic fabrication projects and we can suggest design changes to maximize the performance characteristics of your parts. For your custom part needs from prototype through production, we offer secondaries, assemblies, engraving, finishing, threading and polishing capabilities.

  • Complete Manufacturing Services
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